First of all, thank you for contacting us directly. Our goal and promise are that we will send you a reply within 2 working days to your complaint. Please also look in your SPAM folder, because automatic filter systems of the e-mailers usually define and e-mail commercial e-mails.

Each time the items are sent to our customers, we carry out a visual check and, if necessary, a functional check. Nevertheless, errors are not excluded. If you receive an item which is a defect or didn’t fulfill your expectation to the description, or if your order is incomplete, please let us know immediately and please fill out the fields below.

In the case of a complaint due to a defective or incorrect item, please return the belt immediately

Quedlinburger Weg 99a
22455 Hamburg

The shipping costs will be refunded to you as soon as we receive the item. Please send the item only as an insertion or surrender registration so that the dispatch number a trace of the shipment is possible. We will not take over the cost of express shipping.

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