Species protection at Watchbands24

Watchband24 poses at any time the question of how important is the sale of leather watch bands in accordance with the use of natural resources and the protection of reptiles. A subject that accompanies and occupies us constantly. One of the first decisions is the exclusives sale of reptile leather from legally protected species and harmless conduct.

The reptile leather watch straps offered by us are made of reptile leather watch straps, which have been kept in a safe manner and are usually equipped with the IRV flag (International Reptile Leather Association), which guarantees that the leather has been purchased in accordance with the provisions of the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). These articles are marked on our article page additionally with an attention sign and reference to IRV. 

Items without IRV certification will not be offered and sold on our site unless the manufacturer or supplier can prove that they comply with the regulations of the species protection legislation. In the future, we are working to focus even more on this topic.