Legal Pre-Information

The reading of terms and conditions is not for everyone, even if it is obligatory for you as a consumer to confirm this as reading before purchase.

We at Watchbands24 would like to point out to you as a consumer transparent and honest about the most important topics when buying in our Online shop. At the same time, we will skip paragraphs and hyperlinks to legal statements to explain the relevant topics in simple words.

Condition of purchase agreement

After ordering in our Online shop, you will first receive an order confirmation. This order confirmation does not constitute acceptance of the purchase offer you have created. Watchbands24 reserves the right not to accept the purchase offer. The purchase contract and the related obligations are not settled until the order confirmation has been received. You will usually receive these shortly after the order confirmation.

Complaint due to defect and the right to exchange and no refund

Watchbands24 reserves the right to exchange, instead of reimbursing, a defect in the purchased item. The exchange provides for a delivery of the same article and only takes place when this article has been returned to us. If the defect is traceable, Watchbands24 reimburses the shipping costs of the return shipment

Grain/pattern of genuine leather bracelets can change, since it is natural product

The grain is also called "grain", is a mood of nature in the case of a genuine leather article. With this reason, each watch strap has its uniqueness and stands out from the rest of the same watch straps. This also applies to our article photos on the respective article page. Here we have taken a volume from each collection to give you an impression of the band and the grain. There may be small changes over the time. Watchbands24 checks regularly whether there have been serious changes per band and then swaps the product photos. Watchbands24 does not guarantee the actual grain against the product photos. You have the option to return your item to us without giving us reasons within the statutory return period. Nevertheless, we would be pleased to receive a reason for the return, in order to improve our service for you steadily.

Branded straps

Watchbands24 sells exclusively original tapes of the declared mark on the respective article page. You will not find any bands with brand falsifications. In the category Replacement Tapes, you will find tapes that are suitable for a watch brand or watch model. There are no original brands.

Custom-made without return policy

We have made many our customers satisfied within our custom-made products. Custom-made products are those which were made by special wishes and specifications. Normally the specifications are out of the average watch strap and it only fits in a specific type of watches or has a special design. The purchase of custom-made products requires an amount of discussion and exchange of the specifications between the customers and Watchbands24. Therefore, the return of the item is excluded when buying a custom-made product. You need to confirm this as a customer once again before purchase.

Refund only on the way of the payment mode upon purchase

Reimbursement of a purchase price is always made by the payment method chosen by the buyer when purchasing the item. Exceptions include the payment terms of purchase (bill safe) and cash on delivery.

Shipping responsibility

Watchbands24 does not affect the shipping service providers. An information in the form of a placement of the delivery, if you as a customer are not on site, is therefore not possible. Watchbands24 also has no influence on the possibly extended shipping period or even the loss of the shipment. For this purpose, you will receive a shipment number with the link, in which you can check the status of your shipment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your shipment. We will be happy to assist you and try everything when it comes to the loss of your shipment. For customers abroad, we are dependent on your help, since we do not pre-empt in all countries with German and English. With your mother tongue, you usually get the necessary information faster.

Investigation request and related responsibility for replacement delivery and refund

Is your shipment takes longer than you have seen on our shop page? Then it's time to contact us. We will check again from our side everything to find the status of the broadcast. In addition, we will check as a customer by the post office you are responsible for the whereabouts of the shipment. It happens not very often but unfortunately, sometimes we can’t find the shipment. For this purpose, we will send an inquiry request to the shipping service provider about the whereabouts of the consignment. The result can take up to 8 weeks, particularly in the case of international postal traffic, as the state postal service provider has to be contacted abroad. Within the inquiry order, Watchbands24 reserves the right to refuse or replace the goods. Even if we trust your honesty, it can always be that the article you ordered is still associated. We would then want to avoid having you twice the same article and we have to reclaim the one article.

Return without usage and damage

If a return is made within the statutory period of revocation, this article shall be returned to us free of damages and unused. The item must be in a sellable condition. Watchbands24 reserves the right to demand a change of the item due to wear or damage after examination. Please check the product specifications, which are on each article page under Properties before purchase. If you are not sure, please contact us in advance via our contact details.

Who is behind the Watchbands24?

AMM active marketing measures GmbH is behind the Watchbands24 brand. All further information can be found under Imprint.

If you have any further questions or you have something to let us know within the points above, please contact us with our contact form.